The Madison Torskeklubben Viking Scholarship

Study at one of the top U.S. universities and experience the true American college life. Visit the members of a unique alumni network through extensive travels in the USA. Get an unrivaled opportunity to dive into American society and culture.

The Brittingham Viking Organization and The Torskeklubben Foundation are now offering a new scholarship opportunity for one Norwegian student to study at the University of Madison-Wisconsin for the summer.

The scholarship covers travel to and from Madison, tuition, accommodation and basic living expenses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. If selected you will have the opportunity to travel and visit past scholars living all over the USA. The total value of the scholarships is USD 11,000 for the summer. You can choose freely what subjects you want to study at the university.

- Norwegian citizens between 22 and 27 years of age.
- You are currently enrolled at a Norwegian university or college. It is strongly recommended to have completed a Bachelor’s degree within your field by the time of departure.
- You are a person who loves making new friends, with a keen interest in international relations in general, and in America in particular.
- You are a devoted student, with great social skills, high values and integrity. Involvement in
extracurricular activities, leadership experience or organizational work will be advantageous.
- You have good academic records and fluent communication skills in English and Norwegian.

This scholarship is about getting first-hand experience of American culture and fostering bonds between the Nordic countries and the USA. You are expected to act as an ambassador for Norway during your stay in the USA. You are also expected to participate at events organized by The Torskeklubben Foundation and the BVO. Upon return to Norway, you will become part of an alumni network of former scholars, where you will be invited to participate in post-scholarship events.

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